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Sunday, February 1, 2015

We are not limited...

Some people, particularly academic artists, subscribe to the idea that artists should limit themselves to a singular medium and a single style.  I do not subscribe to this belief system because what I Know to be True is that we are unlimited beings with unlimited creativity.  It does not require such singularity to express creatively and effectively.  

What is required is to express regularly (#doartdaily) and allow inspiration to come from the act of creating--to be in the moment in the process.  

The following artworks are just a smidgen of the different styles of art and mediums that I work with. Each one is a unique statement but would not be as effective if I had limited myself to a specific style or medium.  The moral of this story?  Go play.  Experiment.  Try new things you never thought of trying and play with mediums you are afraid of using.  Magic will happen.  Trust yourself. We are not limited....#InspiredArtProject2015

Love is a Choice, 24" x 36" tempera and acrylic on canvas.
Primitive/naive style
 (c) SZing 2015

Dream Mesa, 16" x 24" Tempera on Bristol paper.
Whimsical style
(c)SZing 2015.

Off the Grid, 5" x 7" Lacquer, tempera, and acrylic on Bristol paper.
Abstract style.
(C)SZing 2015

Across the Bridge, 10" x 16" watercolor on watercolor paper.
Impressionist style
(c)SZing 2015