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Friday, January 23, 2015

What You Know...

When you think you have dried up all your resources for creative ideas, for paintings or artworks, for poems, stories or dreams I highly suggest returning to What You Know.  

First step:  Quiet yourself--sit down, breathe deeply and just "Listen Inwardly."  This is also sometimes called meditation.  Don't TRY to think of anything, just be present with yourself. (We get so busy we forget to do this--and yes, I know it kind of sounds stupid since we are always with ourselves--but we really crave our own attention--and I do mean attention.

Second step:  Remember where you came from.  We all have roots, history, a past, experiences...we don't have to judge them as good or bad because let's be honest, it's a mixed bag.  From that past, pull out something that really resonates strongly with you.  Maybe you resonate with the memory of a colorful sunset or sunrise.  Perhaps the resonance is attached to a specific place you visited.  Maybe you recall a story or a person who caught and held your attention for a time.  Whatever it is, start there--with What You Know.  Because what I know is that we are all amazing, powerful creators and we know so much more than we usually cop to knowing.  We are brilliant.  We are geniuses (I don't care what IQ tests, stats, or negative-minded people have told you in the past.)  We have infinite creativity.  We just have to get back to What We Know.

In my case, I drew upon the feeling I used to get when I would drive out to El Malpais or Acoma on the West Mesa of New Mexico.  Especially powerful for me were the striking colors and light when there were storm clouds present or as the day drew nearer to dusk.  If you've ever been to the Land of Enchantment, you know what I mean.  This is What I Know today in my #InspiredArtProject2015 #doartdaily.

West Mesa Nostalgia, (c)SZing 2015
Watercolor on watercolor paper