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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year of Inspiration!

Happy New Year!  2015 is going to be a wonderful year with wonderful experiences!

I am a highly spiritual person.  I love having a daily spiritual practice.

I am a creative, artistic person.  I love having a daily artistic practice.

Because I want to cultivate my daily practices and become more conscious of my efforts as I do so, I am opting to create a Year's Worth of Inspirational Artworks.  Starting today.  

I decided to combine the two and focus on making art that feels uplifting to me.

I am going to try not to limit myself on my mediums, techniques or  what I am doing.  I want to enjoy the process and not worry about whether it is going to "sell".  I want to enjoy creating and be as open as possible to the inspirational energy that comes from immersing myself in the process.

I want to try to detach myself from pre-concieved notions about about is spiritual or uplifting.  I will strive to come to the page, the canvas, the glass…whatever…without any predetermined outcomes in mind.

I will finish each project I start.

Today is a new day.   Here is my art offering for the day...

The Angel of Floral Tornadoes, Mixed Media (watercolor, pastels on watercolor paper)
(c) SZing 2015

"Just give me this: 
A rinsing out, a cleansing free of all my smaller
So I can be the class act God intended,
True to my purpose,
All my energy aligned behind my deepest intention.

And just this:
A quieting down, a clearing away of internal ruckus,
So I can hear the huge stillness in my heart
And feel
How I pulse with all creation,
Part and parcel of Your great singing ocean.

And this, too:
A willingness to notice and forgive the myriad times
I fall short,
Forgetting who I really am,
What I really belong to.

So I can start over,
Fresh and clean
Like sweet sheets billowing in the summer sun,
My heart pierced with gratitude."

~Belleruth Nparstek from Prayers for Healing--Summer--August 15, p. 188.