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Thursday, August 14, 2014

I met my metrics today!

It occurred to me today that as an artist, I do not live by the same sort of metrics, benchmarks or standards that those who work a more traditional J-O-B or corporate position do.  Having been a member of the corporate rat race prior to choosing to be a full time artist, I learned to calculate my successes based upon my productivity as measured by the goals I reached each day.

This method of determining whether or not I was on par with what needed to be done or not was further ingrained by my choice of career as a project manager--which is basically a juggling act between time, money and resources to meet required outcomes.

As an artist, this sort of thinking is counter-productive.  How do I measure the success of my day when the many tasks I do on the significant number of projects I work to decide whether the day was productive or a success?

Not sure what I mean?  Well okay, I spent one hour today brainstorming for a new project, 3 hours typing up another project proposal, spoke with a shop owner where I consign some of my jewelry, did some dry wall work on my studio renovation, caulked a leaky ledge, around the newly installed AC and swept up debris from construction.  I also cleaned two separate pieces of furniture, re-secured all loose legs and edges, spray painted both items and fabricated the two pieces into a single display stand.  I scheduled a week's worth of social media.  I prepped 25 items for consignment.

That's in addition to doing some replanting of some plants in my garden, cleaning a flower bed, exercising the dog, and making dinner.

I realized that nontraditional as my days are--mostly unscheduled where the average worker-bee might not know that I'd been busy and not sitting on my chaise lounge eating bon-bons--I have had a busy day, and as I write this now, I realize, it still isn't over.  I'll probably do some art research tonight online and on Pinterest and Etsy.  I still have to do the dishes and fold a load of laundry, feed the dog and 3 cats and shower.

I am going to be kind to myself when I feel like I have not "done enough."  This sort of thinking is not conducive to self-care.  It also is a creativity killer.  I will learn to say, "I met my metrics today!"