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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Art of Words

I just completed my art journal/sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project and I have to admit--it was difficult to let this very personal work of art go--knowing that I may never actually lay hands on it again as it will become a part of the Brooklyn Art Library's permanent collection of hand crafted artist made artworks.

(c) 2014, SZing, Cover of my sketchbook
I titled my book "The Art of Words" to fit with my chosen theme "Say Words Out Loud." I chose words that are inspirational to me.  Each page features a different word and are artfully embellished.  They are even cinqo-lingual (is that a word?)--in any case, each word is on the page in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Danish--of course, some words, like "Vision" are the same in several of these languages.

I also included quotes relevant to the word or idea, or in some cases, I journaled briefly about that word or idea.
pages from The Art of Words, (c) 2014 SZing
After spending what I am guess-timating to be some 200 hours or more creating this little 32 page art work, you can imagine how letting it go was a real challenge.  It was rewarding as I saw each page develop from a blank sheet, then to a lovely painted background, then receiving their words--Love, Joy, Create, Wealth, Serendipity, Freedom...just to name a few.  Each page took on its own originality and I can honestly say it became a labor of love.

My great hope is that "The Art of Words" will leave its viewers feeling enlivened, refreshed and invigorated. Perhaps even inspired.  I contemplated, for about 48 hours, not sending it back to be completed with the project--but I know that it will serve the world far more where it is headed than it would on a shelf in my office or studio.
pages from The Art of Words, (c) 2014 SZing
I'm excited that my little book will potentially be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people in its lifetime--maybe even millions since it is being digitized on both Bohemian Art Cafe (where you can see all of the pages) as well as eventually with the Sketchbook Project site.  Plus it gets to see the country as it goes on tour from Brooklyn New York and traverses across the continent to end up in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco before zipping back across country to land in its final home in Brooklyn.

I'm also editing a video with the before and after of the process of creating the book (unfortunately, I got so wrapped up with the creation of the book that I forgot to document and video the actual art process). Eventually I'll post the video here and on Bohemian Art Cafe, and maybe, if I'm very daring, YouTube.

pages from The Art of Words, (c) 2014 SZing
I  know my art journal is in good company as there are over 17000+ other participants who made their own art journals. I love the idea of the diversity not only of how each page and book looks, but the diversity of the artists and the lives they lead. It's a very intriguing chain of connection to participate blindly with other artists and creators.

And perhaps, one of these days when I am back in New York City for a visit, I can stop by the art library and say a fond "hello and how are you doing" to my little book.

(c) 2014 SZing, Bohemian Art Cafe