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Friday, January 24, 2014

An Ode to Geeks, Nerds and TechnoWizards!

I've been working on updating Bohemian Art Cafe, this blog, and doing all sorts of other social networking "junk."  I call it junk because (in the style of Bones from Star Trek) "Dammit Jim, I'm an Artist, Not a TechnoWizard!"

I so relate!  This is how my head feels when I do "junk."
I had planned to blog yesterday, but alas, technology burps, hiccups and farts just got the better of me and I was, as they say, "down for the count."  My website had turned into a cemetery page of broken links. I couldn't get into my blog.  I was just plain frazzled by the end of the day. I admit, it was operator error. I kept wishing there was an "UNDO" button I could hit and everything would go back to normal.  *sigh*
My initial reaction when it went kattywhumpis
My next impulse.  BTW, THIS doesn't fix it.
Ah. The Grief Stage Sets In.
The last thing I did was send out an SOS in the form of a TechnoWizard forum and post my issue/problem.

Then I went and had dinner, zoned out in front of the telly and tried not to think about the world wide web catastrophe that my Internet life had become. Drama, drama, drama. After a somewhat successful 3 hour respite (okay, I checked to see if I had gotten any replies a few times on the forum in those 3 hours), I felt a little calmer and relaxed.
People who read this and know what it means must be very, very special!
 (besides just knowing it is binary code. DUH.)
I started surfing the Internet to find out what other people had done who had had similar website boo-boos. Lo and behold, imagine my joy to discover I was not the only one who had made a monumental error when inputting some data.

Where's Neo when you need him?
I must now bow down in the I'm Not Worthy Stance to the Geeks, the Nerds and the TechnoWizards who had the answers.  AND who made their instructions so easy to follow that by the time I finished changing the phpMyAdmin database options and values and the fix actually worked (how's that for picking up the TechnoBabble?), I have to say that I felt like there was a teensy-tiny TechnoWizard (TW) at the center of my soul.  If I can just work smart, I'm sorry to say that my TW probably won't get to see much light of day--but it is so comforting to know that I can actually self-correct my programming technobabble issues. And if art doesn't pan out, I always have a fall-back plan.

Praying helps.  Please oh, please, let the answer be here somewhere. 

I Love Geeks, Nerds and TechnoWizards. I'll never deny it again. I thought it was prudent to say "All Hail to the TechnoGods" today as without them, we'd all be in a dark soup of government style bulletin board postings or still sending snail mails.
If I knew any TechnoWizards in person, I'd give them a big hug and
maybe even a smooch today. Or at least a pocket protector.