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Monday, April 8, 2013

Don't Expect the Unexpected

We've all heard that phrase, "Expect the Unexpected."  I'm saying "DON'T."  What I mean by that is...don't throw the baby out with the bathwater (what a horrible phrase, eh?)....Sometimes, the expected is exactly what a piece of art or writing wants and needs.

When we, as creative people, reject the expected because it is expected, we can lose valuable input and inspiration.  When we refuse to acknowledge the expected as it begins to be unveiled in our work because we are patiently waiting for the unexpected to arrive, we can be sorely disappointed.

Our artwork can become stymied.  It also can become...less authentic.  If you are waiting for the unexpected, and nothing shows up in your thoughts or expression, we can tend to "make up" what is unexpected.  This contrivance can alter the entire feel of a piece and change the internal and external meaning.  It can make the work lifeless.

I'm not saying to deny the unexpected when it genuinely does request an audience, I'm simply cautioning against overtly trying to "make something happen" in your art or writing that doesn't really fit in.  If you are struggling and forcing something to fit, then the chances are that...it doesn't...fit.  Be patient.  The muse of creativity is always speaking.  If you need to, take some time to meditate and just be open to hearing what comes.

In the meantime, consider focusing on some small details as you wait to discover what is next....