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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adult Coloring Renaissance

One of the greatest creative joys that children get to partake of in their daily activities or as a result of a parental make-busy plan is coloring.  As an adult, coloring, like nap-time, has been sorely lacking.  Isn’t it time to have an Adult Coloring Renaissance?

Now there is a solution for Adult Coloring.  Not only are the Crayolas named with adult names like “My Goodness I Seem to Have Developed Some Sort of Infection Chartreuse” (and who doesn’t love chartreuse anyway?!) or “My Underwear Matches my Bra Rose,” or “This is What my Face Looks Like When I’m Angry Fuchsia".  

You could, perhaps, create your own crayola names…if you are a creative person, imagine the fun a 64-color box will provide….

Remember when you would take your stress out on your coloring book and grab the darkest red you had and grind the scribble out of the coloring book page?  What in the Adult World harmlessly gives such instant satisfaction while at the same time releasing so much pent up emotion? NUTHIN’.

For me, Crayolas marked the beginning of my creative dreams.  I had aspirations of being Hallmark’s greatest greeting card designer ever (and boy did my family get a hoot out of my hand-crafted celebration cards). Those mini wax wonders also stoked the fires of my writer/illustrator passions in Ms. Kelly’s third grade class where we made numerous “books” on a variety of subjects from pets (I chose cats even though all I had was a turtle and a gold fish) to Native American History of the Southwest--I think I did the Pueblo and Hopi Indians—seeing as how I was surrounded in a state with about 22 different reservations (New Mexico).

So I’m excited to think that I could bring this art form to life again, add to my pitifully stocked “stress releaser” activities and perhaps, have a resurgence of happy childhood memories.  Just the smell of the wax and some pulpy paper might be enough to send me into a dizzying whirlwind of regression.

There are plenty of places online to download or purchase Adult Coloring Pages.  This collection is one of my favorites.  One of my favorite magazines, Mental Floss has a lovely feature on the top 10 Adult Coloring Books.  Check out the “Coloring for Grownups” coloring book.  Be sure you use it in the privacy of your own space after the kids have gone to sleep or school because the title really should come with the “contains some Adult Content” warning label.Here is a site that has adult coloring contests and shows some of the works--I'm not sure which colors they used but the pages are fun and you can buy the coloring book.

With all of the covert (and not so covert) interest in all things Adult, I see an unlimited potential for XXX coloring product lines—colors and coloring books.  Wheeeeee!  What a great way to introduce art and creativity to someone who otherwise might never get the, um, exposure.  And the R-rated coloring pages are just plum FUN! Perhaps even some Adult Coloring Games to spice up the ol’ sex life.  You know, you color in the area where you’d like to have your partner….okay, you get the picture….

All I can say is…isn’t it time that we find some Adult Artistic Endeavors that don’t require you to plug into a gadget. Any gadget.  Even the adult kind.