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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prosperity Flows from Giving

A few weeks ago, I was pondering the Flow of Prosperity.  I have a belief that there is more than enough of everything for everyone exactly when they need it.  I also have a belief that competition and envy are unnecessary as there are enough customers and clients for everyone. So the question is, why doesn't every one have what they need?  Why do some people suffer from lack of food, money, housing, clothing, et cetera?  There are some specific sets of Laws that are set in motion for the creation of prosperity.  Prosperity does not only mean financial income or abundance.  Prosperity is the flow of life--energy, joy, beauty, all things material, health, wisdom, peace and personal power.

I was preparing for a show and I was considering how I could best increase my increase.  I remembered that Prosperity Flows more abundantly from Giving.  I took some of my inventory to a class I'm taking and let all my classmates choose several pieces for themselves.  I received a large influx of income at the show.  Then I held my Winter Trunk show.  I gave away some of my items to the owner of the store.  In return, I ended up being able to keep all the money I earned and she did not charge me the % we had agreed upon.  I did not give her the items with this intention, but it was the gift she chose to give me.

This week I've been culling items from my home that we no longer use or that no longer serve us and am giving them to a non profit organization for a rummage sale they are having.  I have a show this weekend and I know that because I have activated the flow of prosperity, this weekend I will receive in kind--abundantly, delightfully and I will receive it joyously.