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Monday, October 8, 2012

It’s so obvious…

Writer’s block. Brain freeze.  Creative vacuum.  Mental fart. It happens to the best artist, writer or creative thinker. 
Once in a while, the ability to bridge the gap between the brain fart and functional artistic progress can be a quick jump start.  When I walk into my studio and I have the (false) idea that I don’t know where to begin, or worse, how to begin, once in a while it hits me and I’m almost immediately able to move on and proceed. 

When I look at the project in front of me, it almost always automatically shows the way to what needs to be done next.  If I’m working on fused glass, it depends on what I did last—if I ground glass and shaped it, its time to clean the glass and set it in the kiln.  If I’m working on jewelry, the obvious next step is clear…either I need to add a jump ring, finish soldering, file, seal, string, design….  If I’m working on a painting, there is usually a clearly defined starting point.  A color I need to add, details that need to be painted in, something to add to the background.  It’s always obviously missing.  It just takes a moment to see the obvious next step.

If you think youQuestion Theme can’t see the obvious, try these steps:
1.  Squint.  Really.  Look at the picture or piece and squint. Out of focus viewing can help to resolve the areas that need to be completed.
2.  Ask the question, “What do you want me to add now?”
3.  Ask the question, “What is missing on this piece?”
4.  Ask the question, “Is there a color (detail, item) I need to add?”
5.  Write out the steps for making the piece in order from start to completion.  Check off what you’ve done and the next step is clear.
No matter how stuck you might feel or “be,” the answer is always available.  It just might take a moment or two to discover the path to your next step.