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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Horsin' Around Town

In North Carolina, artistically designed fiber glass bears dotted the main street of Hendersonville.  In Cincinnati, flying pigs are all the rage.  I'm happy to report that in Ocala, Florida, the Horse Capital of the World, artistic horses range across the city in their tenth year of public display.

For all of the photos below, I am unclear as to who owns the copyright, the artist or the owner.  I am also unclear as to who took the photographs.

"Celebration"  Artist John Breen

"Luce diPinto" Artist: Kent Weakley

"Wild Abandon" Artist:  Brynn Barnett

"Ocala Luna"  Artist: Diane Cahal

"Old Glory"  Artist: Kimberly Samson, brought in $85,000 at auction.
 Ocala's "Horse Fever" originally unveiled 53 painted and decorated horses in 2001.  For the ten year anniversary, 31 horses were created.  Their stately and highly colorful forms have graced parks and lawns around the city and are included in a "tour" from the Marion Cultural Alliance.  Not only do these glass ponies brighten up the city, but in 2001, the auction of the horses raised over $850,000 for 27 charities.  The 31 horses auctioned in March of 2012 raised $208,000, half of that going to charities and the other half benefiting the Marion Cultural Alliance.
"Quarterhorse"  Artist: Gene Hotaling

More than the financial benefits from the auctions, the beauty of these delightful equines attract visitors to the city.  The artists continue to garner acknowledgment from visitors and the local community.  Some of the artist's statements are available here.

"Mask herd rade" Artist: Lisa Russo
As an artist, I get a thrill each time I find one of these creative animals in my travels throughout the city. I also am thrilled that the public has access to this form of public artwork.  It is my hope that I will get a chance to participate in the future sets of horses.