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Friday, August 24, 2012

How the Studio's Coming Along...


It's been quite hot and humid.  And raining like we're in a rain forest.  I've never seen rain come down so thick. I only have a very small air conditioner and a fan in my studio.  I get too hot and sweaty if I stay out there long. (I know, hot and sweaty seem to be a warm or hot glass artist's mantra.)

In fact, I've felt the driving need to avoid making more art so that I could get class proposals and marketing materials in place, update that pesky website, take pictures of my art and jewelry and get it on Etsy, Ebay, Bonanza, Facebook, and Tophatter--all of which takes an enormous amount of time, not to mention trying to blog every day (business day).

Man am I organized or what???
So, the progress on the studio has sort of ground to a halt.  I was doing pretty good during July even though I could only spend a couple hours out there...I have a table set up up, my kilns are in place, the shelves are up and stuff is on them, the cabinets are mostly organized.  And I've even made some enamel jewelry that I was preparing for an upcoming magazine article (in September).

Still have small glass to unpack and "file" in the cabinets.
Part of the concern is that...I have a lot of artwork.  And I have a lot of art supplies.  Since I work in many mediums, depending on what strikes my imagination, I have different areas set up to house different types of artwork supplies. I admit.  I'm a little overwhelmed since my studio space is quite a bit smaller than what I had for the past year and it isn't "finished" in terms of walls, insulation and flooring--so I hesitate to get everything in place when I know I'll eventually be moving it to finish the space out.

Is that a clear counter I see down there?

And clean floor...mostly.
And shelves with lots of stuff and a table...

Did I mention how loud it gets when it rains?  Or the enormous spiders?  or the regular visits from frogs??  As if I don't have enough distractions as it is.
Ginormous spiders that hide in boxes.
Frogs that fall on my head when I open the door.

I have classes I'm scheduling starting in October which will be meeting in the studio, so "finished" or not, I have to finish organizing and setting it up so that it is usable art space.  September is my month to get back in there and get it straightened up the rest of the way.  It will start to be cooler, and I've got that goal of October in the back of my head.

"Mostly" unpacked.  Still a ways to go.  And MUST do
something about that awful bare and glaring light bulb.
Soooo, that's the status update.  May you have a happy weekend and not have any frogs or spiders fall on your head.  See you next week.  P.S.  If you're bored or have money burning a hole in your pocket, stop and shop.

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