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Monday, August 13, 2012

Discovering Ted

To stir up creativity, I suggest “show searching.”

I must be living in a cave.  Since I have been chained to my desk for weeks going on months now, trying to work on the “business” end of my art (auctions, selling, photos and text, proposals, lining up classes, etc.)  I’ve not really been doing a lot of the art creation that I prefer.

I admit, last night I was too exhausted after caring for a friend’s puppy for the past five days, to do anything that really required brain cells.  Instead, I was preparing photographs for bohemianartcafe.etsy.com and for my upcoming

Glass Act Auction 

on August 20 at 11 a.m.  
(P.S. You’re invited.  RSVP and I will continue to add new and more items for the auction.)
Square pinks and small chunks fused glass suncatcher
Raspberry suncatcher, will be auctioned at
Glass Act Auction
11 a.m. August 20 
I was sort of bored with the usual TV stuff, having recently finished watching my DVDs of Castle and The Mentalist.  I admit, I haven’t really been watching all that much live TV or checking out UTube lately.  I know the Olympics were on, but honestly, there’s only so much activity a body can watch without becoming exhausted by osmosis. 

blue dichro wine stopper on pad
Okay, so…maybe it’s been more than a few months that I’ve been chained to the cave I call my office, since last night for the first time I discovered TED talks.

I know many people have been checking this Technology/Entertainment/Design Conference for a while.  Years.  Well, for me, last night it was a revelation.  I was using my Roku and searching through Netflix by just searching a r t.  And up popped Ted Talks about art.

So, tonight, when I continue to work on preparations for Glass Act Auction, I’ll  tune in again and see what inspires me.  If you haven’t discovered Ted Talks, now is a good time.