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Friday, July 27, 2012


Today as I work on various tasks toward the goal of making some income from my creative endeavors, I am reminded how important it is to recognize and be grateful for gifts. 

Gifts arrive in all sorts of ways...wrapped with bows and ribbons, specifically to celebrate a holiday, money found along a pathway, something unexpected arriving in the mail....and so many other ways.

I was thinking yesterday evening and again this morning about how many gifts I personally have, own and express.  I'm reasonably intelligent, somewhat cute, have a weird but good sense of humor, have an eye for color combinations, very skilled at packing, unpacking and setting up house and studio (hah! lots of practice), creative, at least fair to middling poetry writing, artistic skills, teaching skills....very affectionate, a good pet mommy, a talent for organizing, loads of friends scattered all over the country, and soooo much more.  I am very gifted.  Very talented.  Very fortunate.  It's good to remember this.  It's good to focus on these good skills.  It's good to be grateful for them.

Now I'm not much of a Bible quoting person but to paraphrase, it is important not to waste our talents.  I'm working on spending my talents so that they grow and multiply.  Gratitude for our gifts and talents is a huge part of that process. 
(c)SZing, The Happy Only Journal

I decided I'm going to use one of my newly altered books as a "Happy Only" Journal.  Happy thoughts, thanks and gratitude to the Creative Source for all the happy and good things in my life.  Polly Anna-ish goodness.  It's important.  Darkness has a way of taking over and smothering creative resources of all sorts and is always a squandering of talent.