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Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Things I Love About Technology

Okay, I know I complain sometimes about the pitfalls of technology (viruses, Trojans and malware--Oh My!), but in the long run, I really love so many things that my computer, software and the Internet provide.  Like my Etsy shop BohemianArtCafe.
(c)SZing Pink and white hand painted on wood and wire wrapped pendant 2" x 2".  $30.

So here's my David Lettermanesque list:

#5.  Information--I love browsing and being able to follow links, quickly look up definitions and find other artists and their work.  Yesterday, having a memory fart, I looked up "subsume" because for the life of me I couldn't access it despite trying to force my synapsi to work harder. (is synapsi a word? perhaps I'll look that up online.)
 (c)SZing Koi fish fused transfer fused into opaque glass necklace.  $20.

#4.  Not having to write long hand--even though for my journals I still do and I have this undeniable fear that I should continue to write everything or print hard copies (my need to go paperless fights this) in case technology fails or, as it inevitably will, changes and I lose my "stuff."  I'm a much faster typist that writist. 

(c)SZing Beautiful turquoise and aqua dichroic glass on black glass with wire wrapping pendant.  $20.

#3.  Access to friends via email and social networking.  I'm growing to love using Facebook for example, just to see what people are up to and get a break from unpacking the studio.  Also so cool to catch up with people I haven't seen or heard from in years, as well as to make new connections with friends I hope to meet soon.

#2.  It's quick, it's (mostly) easy to learn and use, it makes me feel connected no matter where I go (okay, okay, I know some people call this the leash-syndrome.)  I LIKE knowing that if I need info or to reach someone all I have to do is pull out my cell phone.

(c)SZing A large variety of pierced earrings.  Some are glass beads, some are not. 
All are fun and beautiful to wear and very affordable at $12 a pair.

 (c) SZing Charming butterfly earrings.  $12.

#1.  Etsy, Ebay and Pinterest.  Wow, wow and wow.  Oh, and did I forget Amazon? 
(c)SZing REVERSIBLE (yes, two sides for the price of one!) stained glass necklace. 
 Butterflies on one side, flowers on the other.  $20 with chain.

Speaking of Etsy, I just uploaded a bunch of my jewelry and a few other non-jewelry art pieces and supplies to my shop, BohemianArtCafe.   Please come and shop, like my shop, tweet and re-tweet, share the link to the shop with others.  Not having a public venue studio as I used to, I'm having to rely more on virtual storefronts. I appreciate your help in this. Muchos gracias!! 
(c)SZing REVERSIBLE (yes, two sides for the price of one!) stained glass necklace.
Pink and blue abstraction on one side, yellow and blue abstraction on the other.  $20 with chain.