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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeding My Addiction to Pinterest

I've been saving photos for a long time of things that I love and which inspire me.  I've made "treasure maps" and struggled with how in the world to keep all those lovely images close at hand to inspire me and help me to bring them into my world...tra-la-la, another victory for technology.  The answer is Pinterest. 

If you're a Pinterest-er, you might like some of the many items I've discovered.  If you like what I find interesting, I hope you will follow me.  I will return the favor as I am interested in what others are attracted to.

I figure at some point, everyone will like everything everyone else likes.  But in the mean time, I'm finding it a great "file folder" for my gardening and decor ideas, Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, and art supplies that I find intriguing, among other topics of interest.

I like to think of Pinterest as the "Best Practices."  I do hope that anyone whose photos I used here are happy to have more exposure.  I do not in any way claim copy rights or take credit for either the creations or the photos of the creations.  The links for each piece is attached to my Pinterest PINS in my boards.   I love Pinterest and am certain that a significant number of those items I have pinned will eventually become a part of my "stuff."

For a country with a growing number of storage facilities and hoarders, Pinterest is, perhaps, a symptom of that mind set. 

As for me, I love the many bright colors, beautiful crafts and artworks, the ingenuity, and the sheer plain fun of daydreaming.  I hope you'll agree.