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Monday, June 11, 2012

Reinventing an Art Studio

I think I deserve a little pat on the back.  I have, so far, kept my resolution to blog at least 3 times a week.  It's not so difficult, so long as I do it before I really get going with the day.  Also find that I have many ideas of things I can blog about...which is exciting.

Today I'm sharing the excruciating and exhilarating process of setting up a new studio.  The difficulty with this set up is that the interior is already full up with the boxes of art supplies and because of timing of moving, I didn't have the chance to put in flooring, insulation/walls, paint, lights or electric yet and they will be done a bit by bit over time.  What a challenge.  Of course, I've always liked challenges.
So here is the new Bohemian Art Cafe, where we serve art, not food.TM

This will be the new studio in Florida.  It is outside of our home.  I will miss being a part of a studio conglomerate.  Am reinventing where and how I get my work seen and sold. But have already gotten two locations where I will be showing and selling my artwork and have a contract for teaching starting in the fall.  Will also be able to offer small classes (4 to 6 people) here for fusing glass, stained glass, and enamel work.  Might even be re instituting my Tuesday Night Art Socials since we will have large tables outside and if the weather permits would be able to seat about 20 people inside and out.

 I also will miss my enormous window but I might be able to convince my sweetie to install a big window at some time in the future.

One of the first things that had to get done was to install air conditioning.  With the temperatures outside around 90+ degrees Fahrenheit and humid and only going to get hotter, it just gets stifling inside the studio space.  There will be two A/C units which should keep things cool.  We will be adding insulation and wall covering a bit at a time.

Hmmm.  Depressing.  Lots to do and all crammed together.  It is a slow, slow process of set up.  Even getting the space "finished" will be piece meal.  I will be doing the floors with a black and white industrial rubber tile, insulating and covering the walls and ceiling, painting the walls and ceiling, and putting in additional electrical outlets and lighting, plus some additional shelving space.  Can't wait to see the "FINISHED" product.

I've allotted June to get unpacked.  I hope I have enough time allotted, considering it is already a third of the way gone.

Ahhhh, is that a path I spy????

The counters are installed and clear--ready to receive materials.

And the chemicals/toxins cabinet is now reachable and ready for items.

*sigh* Blessed organization beginning to appear finally.

Watch for weekly updates on the process.  I find that I get overwhelmed after about 4 hours at a time and have to take a break.  If I don't take the break, I end up just moving stuff from one box to another and going in circles.  Best to leave and get a clear head and start fresh.  I won't have an "office" in this studio but will use the PC and printer/scanner in the house to do any design work or proposals I'm putting together.  It really is exciting but wearying to create a new studio.  I also miss doing artwork--but of course, I'm working very hard on not making new artwork until I can get some of the work I already have completed sold.  Mostly, I will miss the flow of artists and visitors and the interaction/exchange of creative energy and ideas.  I will rely on the blogging community and the local art league heavily for this.

Well, ta ta for now.  It's time to....go unpack some boxes.