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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to keep up with it all

Well, I've got three out of five studios consolidated--still have the collage/sewing space and the glass studio to move to my main studio space...so while I'm taking a pause to figure out HOW I'm going to get all the rest of what I have to fit in the already exploding at the seems new studio, I've been exploring Etsy and finally, finally, finally after two years as a member there, getting some items posted.  Now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed when I realize that it is yet another thing to keep up with.  What do I have to do, have a little morning or evening ritual where I a) check and respond to emails b) write my blog c) post items on Etsy and handle any transactions d) check my website and handle any transactions e) keep up with my facebook and f) tweet.  That takes up the morning hours at least.  And what happens if I don't have the TIME to take hours to do all of this?  How do I keep up, keep current and keep things fresh?  If I miss a day, does it become like a diet where it becomes a guilty thing and I avoid the exercise and eat the donut?  HELP.  I'm feeling so overwhelmed with the demands of our technology littered society and the networking opportunities.  When does anyone have time to do anything else, most importantly, actually speak live with other people and artisans?????  I'm going to sleep.  I just realized I can't face this now and since I've Etsy'd and blogged and checked my email, three out of six isn't bad.  That's operating at 50%.  *sigh*  Time to make the donuts.